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Practical Reviews
Practical Reviews

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This brief tutorial will walk you through how to navigate features within our app. You can learn how to search for relevant articles, create a playlist, download articles for offline use, take a quiz, or utilize the credit tracker.

Our goal is to equip you with this invaluable, free resource that allows you stay on top of the changes in medicine anytime, anywhere.

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Visit your app store and download the Practical Reviews® App to your mobile device.

After logging into the Practical Reviews® App, select your specialty, the issue you’d like to view, and accept the Disclosure Agreement. On the next screen, at the top right, you should see an option that says Add to Playlist. (This addition to playlist is how you obtain the audio and the quiz for a particular issue.)

After selecting Add to Playlist, you will be prompted for a yes or no answer. No will return you to the previous page. If you choose yes, the audio and quiz for that issue will be copied to your device and it will remain on your device until you either clear the playlist or you go through the Add to Playlist process on another issue. At that point the previous issue will be overwritten.
Practical Reviews® subscribers must answer all questions for a particular issue before they will be allowed to submit that issue’s quiz. Each time an answer is provided, an orange dot will appear next to the corresponding article’s title in the playlist. Once all reviews that have questions associated with them have been answered, the Submit button will become active and your quiz can be submitted.
Key reviews are selected for their clinical importance or significance and are marked with a key icon.
The green dot appears after you choose Add to Playlist and download the article for offline access. The audio and quiz copied to your device will remain on your Practical Reviews® App until you clear the playlist or add another issue to the playlist, then the previous issue will be overwritten and the newly added issue will be available offline.
An answer has been provided for the quiz question for that article.
That article is the one that is currently selected or the one being reviewed.
On the screen where all of the current volume and issues are displayed there is a magnifying glass at the top right. Click the icon and you will get a scrolling list of the years available to you.
If you use the search field on the My Specialties screen, the app will search all current and archived content you have subscribed to (i.e. just your specialty). If you have an On Demand subscription, the app will search all active and archived content for all available specialties.
You will need to select your specialty, a volume and issue, accept the disclosure and then use the search field on the issue page to search only that issue.
  • iOS 8 compatibility
What's new in Version 1.1 Posted 11/14/2013
  • iOS 7 compatibility
  • Added "keep logged in" feature.  App only logs out when "Logout" button is pressed.
  • Added audio remote controls on iOS7 control panel and Lock Screen
  • Added Help button on login page
  • Added continuous play feature for articles in playlist
  • Added swipe to next article feature to quizzes
  • Added images to article content and image thumbnails to article table views
  • Added background task to download for offline to prevent "Failed to Download Audio" message on screen lock.
  • Fixed iOS 7 memory handling issues
  • Fixed bug on iPhone version that incorrectly allowed on-demand users to submit partially answered quizzes
  • Fixed bug where play button was not updated after article swipes
  • Fixed credit view labels

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